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If you have ever experienced loose and/or fungal infected nails then you would know just how uncomfortable and embarrassing it can be. To prevent this from reoccurring, we have come up with a solution called Fix-4-Nails. Fix-4-Nails® is a remarkable formula that helps reverse the damage caused by nail fungal infection and/or loose nails (nails partly dislodged from the nail bed), by promoting the regrowth of your nails. We thus tackle the problem at its root! This is achieved by creating conditions under the nail that are detrimental to the growth of fungi and favourable to the regrowth of the nail.

In the 1970s, Willie Fourie, a pharmacist, was practicing in Namibia. Here he encountered an age-old formula specifically treating nail fungus and loose nails. In 2007 the formula was developed into the product known as Fix-4-Nails® today. This formula has since become Willie’s most successful product, with its tried and tested formula changing thousands of lives in both South Africa and Namibia (and even America).

The enterprise is run by Willie and some of his dedicated family members.

Our product

Fix-4-Nails® allows you to treat nail disorders such as loose and/or fungal damaged nails at home. The formula is guaranteed to show results between 3-4 weeks after starting treatment. For the best results, the product should be applied in both the morning and evening. The product, which is in a liquid-form, should be dropped directly onto the nail bed, under your finger or toe nails.

If you are interested in buying our product you will be able to find it at major participating pharmacies such as Dis-Chem and Alpha Pharm. Otherwise you can order it online, through i-Heal.

Get the guaranteed solution to fully restore your nails, today!


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