Roll On lawn in Durbanville, for green grass in an instant!

During the dry season in the Western Cape, many homeowners struggle to keep their lawns green and luscious. Furthermore, ongoing water restrictions make it more difficult to ensure that your grass gets the water it needs to flourish. If your grass has died before, you will know how difficult it is to get it to grow back. Instead of going to great lengths to regrow your grass, why not install roll on lawn and have a green, beautiful garden in an instant? There are various service providers for superior roll on lawn in Durbanville.

Roll on lawn means that you get to choose the type of grass that is planted in your garden. You might not have been aware but there are many different types of grass. Each type of grass flourishes different depending on its preferred climate and circumstance, which is why you may be struggling to keep your grass green.

Some of the most popular lawn grass types used in the Cape, include Kikuyu and Berea. Berea is an excellent choice for a shady garden, whereas Kikuyu is more suited to be planted in a sunny area. Both types of grass can handle drought quite well, which makes it a good option for Capetonians, and in dry areas.

For more information about the various grass types and roll on lawn in Durbanville, feel free to read through the advertisements listed in this section. The specialists listed here will also be able to advise you on which grass will be best suited for your yard.

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