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Come and sample some of the best local wines at wine farms in Durbanville

Durbanville is home to some of the most prestigious wine estates in the whole of South Africa. Not only are the wines of an exceptional quality, but the views that you get to experience whilst sipping your wine is unbelievable. For a guaranteed good time, be sure to visit any of these wine farms in Durbanville! Since most of our summer days are perfect to spend outdoors, why not make a point of visiting some of the local wine estates? You can come for an informal wine-tasting with a bunch of friends where you will not only get to taste the wines, but you will also receive some background information on its manufacturing process. If you start to get hungry, most wine estates have an on-site restaurant and cheese platters and various other meals can be arranged for you to delight in. After drinking wine and eating to your heart's content, you can go for a little walk around the estate just to take it all in. Visiting the local wine farms is definitely highly recommended. Browse through the various options listed below and find one that appeals most to you.