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Welcome to Chick Pulse Beauty Salon in the heart of Durbanville, where northern suburbs charm meets relaxation. Step into the enchanting realm of beauty at Chick Pulse Beauty Salon. Here, transformation meets tranquillity as we weave artistry and relaxation into every beauty experience. Welcome to a haven where your radiance takes center stage. Your wellness journey starts here.


More About Chick Pulse Beauty Salon

Chick Pulse Beauty Salon is your sanctuary for comprehensive beauty indulgence in Durbanville. Immerse yourself in a spectrum of services, from luxurious facials to precision micro-needling and the artistry of Dermaplaning. Our oasis extends to soothing massages, lavish lash extensions, and lash lifts, along with meticulous manicures, pedicures, and a variety of nail services, including acrylic, soft gel tips, and gel overlay. Unwind with our waxing and tinting experience and discover the bliss of couples’ treatments. At Chick Pulse, we’re not just a salon; we’re a destination for a complete beauty retreat.

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    Our Treatments

    Indulge in a world of refined beauty at Chick Pulse Beauty Salon, where each treatment is a bespoke journey. Our facials are crafted to revive and rejuvenate while micro-needling and Dermaplaning bring precision and glow. Surrender to the serenity of our massages and enhance your gaze with our meticulous lash extensions and lifts. Nails become canvases with our array of services, from acrylic to soft gel tips and gel overlay. Unveil silky-smooth skin through our expert waxing and add depth to your allure with tinting. For an intimate escape, explore our couples’ treatments. At Chick Pulse, every treatment is a celebration of your beauty, tailored just for you!

    • Facials
    • Micro-needling & bb glow
    • Derma planning
    • Massages
    • Lash extensions & lash lifts
    • Manicures & pedicures
    • Nails (acrylic/ soft gel tips/ gel overlays)
    • Waxing
    • Tinting
    • Couples treatments available

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