Durbanville Primary School

Durbanville Primary School

In 1955 Durbanville Primary School was established after the Department of Education agreed to allow the primary and high school separation to commence. The first principal, Mr De Wet, played an instrumental role in establishing this school and assisted in the creation of the school badge, motto and song.

Durbanville Primary School has played an instrumental role in educational reform and development, aided and achieved through the previous headmasters. As society and the community grows and develops, so does this school.

More about their core values

Durbanville Primary School strives to develop each pupil through love and a feeling of belonging. This is achieved by implementing and nurturing a few core values, including maintaining a caring attitude and acting responsibly with honesty and respect at the forefront of activities to become fulfilled citizens.

As a result, their mission is to create an environment where children feel welcomed. This school believes in holistic development and strives to maintain a stimulating and relevant academic curriculum. Their curriculum focuses on growing knowledge and practical skills whilst instilling positive values and outlooks. Furthermore, they strive to diversify leadership training and encourage participation in all areas of activities.

The curriculum

This school maintains a dynamic, holistic approach that includes an array of sports and cultures. However, they still ensure that their academic curriculum remains at the core. Durbanville Primary School aims to impart basic skills regarding reading and numeracy to help build a strong foundation for students to transition into their high school careers.

Sports at Durbanville Primary School

This school encourages participation in various skill-building summer and winter sports activities to instil their core values further. After all, a healthy body supports a healthy mind! The sports learners can participate in include:

  • Athletics
  • Biathlon
  • Chess
  • Cricket
  • Cross country
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • MTB
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
Culture at Durbanville Primary School

This school also strives to instil their values through various cultural activities. This includes music offered through private lessons of popular instruments by qualified teachers. Their music lessons occur during school hours and can be registered at reception.

Furthermore, this school has a disciplined choir that practices after school and offers learners the opportunity to participate in various annual festivals, eisteddfods and competitions. Learners can also participate individually in eisteddfod for a range of cultural activities, including speech, reading, prose, poetry, creative writing, singing and much more.

Their art club, hosted as extra lessons on a weekly basis, strives to teach learners who are interested in art several exciting techniques. These classes offer an opportunity for self-expression and allow learners to experiment with various mediums, such as clay, paper mâché and more.

Students can also join their Zoem-Zoem club, which focuses on hosting at least six fun excursions each year. This club was created with fun and adventure at the forefront and strives to bring learners together to interact in environments that they have yet to experience.


Our Address:

Weyers Ave, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550


-33.8365694, 18.6474795