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If you have ever experienced loose nails (a nail separated from the nail bed) and/or fungal damaged nails, you will know just how frustrating and embarrassing it can be. To address this we have come up with a solution called Fix-4-Nails®. It is a remarkable formula that helps restore loose nails and reverse the damage caused by nail fungal infection by promoting the regrowth of such nails. This is achieved by creating conditions under the nail that are unfavourable to the growth of fungi and essential to the regrowth of the nail.

In the 1970s, Willie Fourie, a pharmacist then practicing in Namibia, encountered this very old formula and developed it in 2007 into the product today known as Fix-4-Nails®. It is a very successful product, with its tried and tested formula changing thousands of lives in both South Africa, Namibia and abroad.

This is a family enterprise run from Cape Town.

Our product

With Fix-4-Nails® you can treat these condition, specifically, at home. Results are visible in 4 to 8 weeks when applied regularly in the morning and at night. The product is in a liquid-form with an applicator that allows for easy flowing of a drop of the liquid in under the separated nail plate and/or onto the nail bed of the damaged finger or toenail. We say ‘specifically’ simply because of the many other nail conditions that exist; and when used correctly and no re-growth is visible, it indicates that Fix-4-Nails® is not effective for your specific nail disorder; ( )  and to continue treatment will be of no avail. We, therefore, suggest that if you have multiple nails that need treatment, you start by treating only two smaller nails. One 30ml bottle should last up to 10 weeks in the treatment of two nails.

Ask for Fix-4-Nails® (BY ITS NAME – There is no other product similar to Fix-4-Nails®), at Dis-Chem and participating pharmacies. Online orders can be placed with i-Heal or Dis-Chem online. (see our website


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