Knead Bakery

Knead Bakery

Located in one of the most cherished Heritage spots in Durbanville lies Knead Bakery. As a previously vacant site that did not home anything for about 14 years, the Pink House is now home to this beautiful growing bakery!

Although their menu is modest, it leaves nothing to be desired. Their range of delicious light meals caters to all dietary requirements. It is also perfect for all ages, with a range of kiddie meals. Over and above their mouth-watering menu, they also run weekly specials and have a pantry that will have you fighting over the preserves, wine and oils to grab some for your own.

Their full bakery is stocked with the loveliest looking (and tasting) cakes, freshly baked bread and exciting pastries that all help this location stay true to its name.

More about the restaurant

This space is extremely child-friendly, making it the perfect spot for the entire family to enjoy! Parents can rest assured that the kids will be entertained with an outdoor activity area and a jungle gym while they sit back and relax. Knead bakery is also pet-friendly, so even your fur children are welcome to join!

The coffee at this establishment is also one for the books. Their in-house artisan roaster roasts each coffee bean with a micro technique that strives to capture each variety’s authentic flavour and subtleties.

Spoilt for choice

True to its name, visitors can expect to enjoy freshly baked goods at this location. What is even better is that these deliciously baked items sneak their way into various items on the menu…

They are ready to serve you whatever you may be craving with a comprehensive all-day breakfast menu, delicious sandwiches to fill that light lunch spot, trendy salad bowls and the best burgers around. Visitors can also shake things up with their range of pasta, pizzas and soft shell tacos!

From their in house-roasted coffee to a range of exciting tea blends, Knead Bakery aims to please every area of their service! If tea or coffee doesn’t pique your interest, you can delight in one of their delicious milkshakes, enjoy a fun iced frappe, dive into their range of various juices or give one of their super lattés a try. If drinks or food (or both) are on your agenda, you won’t be disappointed with this café.

Each item is made from scratch with a true passion for blending delicious flavours and sharing joy through the brilliance of food! If you are in the Durbanville area, this is a location you will not want to miss. Over and above the excellence of the café itself, its location is perfectly central to several other fun amenities that the area has to offer, such as outdoor attractions, popular malls and more.


Our Address:

Pink House, Queen St, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7551


-33.829115, 18.6482269