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Multisafe Security is the proud inventor and exclusive supplier of Lexan ClearBars. Our transparent burglar bars are known to be the strongest see through burglar bars available in the world. We guarantee this. What makes transparent burglar bars appealing to customers is that they are aesthetically appealing, they do not hamper your view or consume the entire look of your home. ClearBars can be installed into any window to act as a security barrier of superior strength.

ClearBars were invented by Multisafe 12 years ago, and today, with over 50 installations teams in South Africa, we are a thriving company and the number one provider of transparent burglar bars. We have supplied and installed about 1200 kilometers of ClearBars, how astonishing is this! Since the installation is so important to ensure that your ClearBars work, we have a qualified and dedicated team of agents and distributors.

Our product range

Our ClearBars are made of only the best materials. They are manufactured with Carbon Fibre that is about 5 times as strong as steel, making it unbreakable by any human attempt. ClearBars consist of 7mm x 30mm bars, spaced and individually installed 100mm-120mm apart.

This option of burglar proofing will serve as a long-term investment. ClearBars are maintenance free and mostly scratch resistant.

Our product can also be adjusted and used for:

  • Balustrades
  • Pool Enclosures

We believe that the right security installations are priceless – contact us for a quote, today.

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