Introducing PRS & Associates

Targeting overdue debt with a “no collection, no commission” approach has made PRS & Associates in Goodwood a leading debt recovery company over the past two decades.

Most small to medium businesses do not have the means to manage in-house debt collection. Our primary goal is to unburden our clients by retrieving outstanding debt on their behalf. These clients include enterprises like doctors’ practices, vets, garages, schools, and crèches. While we handle their debt collection, our clients can focus on running their business and building client relations.


What we offer:

We are registered with The Council for Debt Collectors and The Association of Debt Recovery Agents, and offer a high success level by using the latest techniques of the debt collection trade.

The collection process includes handovers and gathering information from our clients, tracking and tracing debtors who might have changed their addresses, and contacting debtors to arrange future payment.

At PRS & Associates, we will do our best to help our clients avoid taking costly legal action against their debtors. To achieve this goal, we will make use of all feasible collection methods and technologies to recover overdue debt, recommending legal action only once we’ve exhausted all other debt collection options and deem amicable payment to be impossible.

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