About (TRE) Trauma/Tension Release Exercise at Self & More

Since we regard our clients’ health and overall well-being as highly important, we are offering a groundbreaking solution for stress management and trauma relief. (TRE) Trauma/Tension Release Exercise at Self & More is a simple self-healing technique that allows the body to rid itself of stress and tension. We guide our clients through some simple exercises to help them achieve relaxation and stress/trauma relief.

TRE Therapy works by focusing on deep muscular tension that has been cause by long/short term stress, or previous traumatic experiences. The aim is to rid the body of these negative factors, This is achieved by tremoring. Tremoring is the encouraged and controlled shaking or vibrating of the body that brings the body back to normal by relieving stress and tension through shaking.

How to start

It is important to always work with a TRE-practitioner, since the sessions are quite intense and can even be overwhelming for some. Once your body responds to the tremoring, and you have learned how to manage this, you might be able to do these exercises on your own time. At Self & More you can book these sessions and we will guide you through it, every step of the way.

The sessions will initially take 15-30 minutes, until you get completely comfortable with it. Thereafter it will only take about 15 minutes to complete a session.

We believe that dealing with your trauma and stress can be an enriching experience that you can learn from. For more information on TRE, and to book your first session, please contact us.


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