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Speck Pumps is the greatest name in pumps (swimming pool, spa and Koi) in South Africa. We provide South African customers with a whole range of pool pumps and accessories, to suit their every need. For more than 106 years Speck Pumpen, our German parent company, has designed and produced innovative high quality pumps for the swimming pool industry worldwide. The first German-designed pumps were sent to South Africa in 1969 and became very popular, very quickly. We have been operating in Cape Town since 1978 and our expert design and quality service has not faltered.

Our company has grown continuously and we have seen many new products and designs launched under the Speck Pumps brand. We strive to keep up to date with all the latest technology in pool pumps and accessories. Our BADU-range of self-designed and manufactured swimming pool equipment and accessories are some of the best in the world. They are inventive and built to last.

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    Our products and services

    The cleaning and maintenance of a pool is extremely important. Taking good care of your pool will allow you to enjoy it so much more.

    Our products, to maintain the ultimate, clear pool, include:

    • Pool Pumps & Filters: these two parts need to work in conjunction to keep your pool sparkling, we’ll help you make the right choice
    • Cleaners: we have a range of automatic cleaners that will save you a lot of time
    • Saltwater chlorinators: our systems are low-maintenance and cost-effective
    • Lights: we offer energy-saving LED lights, in a variety of styles
    • A range of accessories, such as: brushes, thermometers, rakes and skimmers

    When it comes to your pool, you know you can count on us to keep it clean.


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