Leak Detection Specialists

Meet The Leak Detection Company

The Leak Detection Company is the Cape Town professional in plumbing maintenance and leak detection. Thanks to our extensive experience in the plumbing and building industry, we have become known as the leak detection specialists. Our clients can rest assured that they are receiving professional advice and expertise. Our team is abreast of the latest developments and techniques in effective leak detection.

Services offered

When making use of the services provided by The Leak Detection Company, clients can expect top of the range leak detection. The equipment that we use in our leak detection services includes the following:

  • Thermal Imaging

This technique works by showing hot and cold water surfaces on the screen of an infrared camera; this leads to easy detection of water leaks in a non-invasive manner.

  • Specialised Dyes

By throwing dyed water over the area where a leak is suspected, we can pin-point a leak at the point that the dye is absorbed by the leak. This offers a fast and non-invasive detection method.

  • Audio Testing Equipment

This equipment picks up the vibrations caused by water pressure in leaks that are not visible to the naked eye.

  • Pressure Testing Equipment

Pressure testing is a simple way to detect a leak by monitoring the pressure and flow of water in a pipe.

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