Master Maths

Master Maths | Extra Maths for Grade 4 – 12

Established in 1976, Master Maths has built a steady foundation for assisting learners in succeeding in their mathematics and physical sciences with comprehensive, individual extra lessons. These subjects contain many overlapping concepts that build and depend on one another for understanding, though learners often struggle to keep up with the demands of both without extra assistance.

The Master Maths team works one on one with each learner to identify where there may be gaps in understanding and implement tailor-made lessons to fill them. Whichever curriculum your child is currently completing, they can assist!

Their lessons fully align with the following curriculums:

  • Department of Basic Education (DBE)
  • Independent Examination Board (IEB)
  • Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

More about Master Maths Durbanville

To ace mathematics, you first need to understand the basic concepts. This understanding is gained by studying relevant examples and reinforcing them through various exercises and knowledge testing.

Their team wants to ensure a unique, worthwhile experience for each learner. Their primary goal is to identify problem areas and rectify them. After receiving tutoring from their team, your child will begin to feel confident and self-assured in their work.

Additionally, they help keep learners up to date with the work they are currently doing and help ensure understanding. Their environment strives to be relaxing and stimulating to offer each student the best chance to improve their mathematical performance.

In addition to leading extra maths classes, they can also assist Grade 10 to 12 students through extra physical science lessons in their Master Science department.

Why Choose Master Maths and Science?

Their team only consists of the best! Their tutors received excellent mathematics and physical sciences results in high school and university, guaranteeing their understanding of these fields. Each tutor undergoes extensive training to prepare them for assisting students to the best of their ability.

Some of the benefits of their programme include:

  • Lessons available in English and Afrikaans
  • Programmes that deliver visible results
  • One on one lessons to optimise learning
  • Interactive experiences to improve individual experience
  • Regular progress reviews
  • Concise assistance for all South African curriculums

Furthermore, tutors hold a true passion for the subject and thrive from seeing learners reach their full potential. While their interactive lesson set-up allows for the initial teaching, their tutors are there to guarantee the understanding! They help by thoroughly explaining complex topics, building self-esteem through positive reinforcement, ensuring that each student correctly utilises systems and formulas and much more.

What is included in Master Maths and Science tuition?

They have various packages and fee structures to suit the number of hours your child requires for lessons. Here’s what you can expect as part of your child’s package:

  • An initial diagnostic assessment to identify knowledge gaps.
  • Professional support from expertly trained tutors.
  • Interactive lessons are suitable for Grade 4 to 12 mathematics.
  • Interactive lessons are suitable for Grade 10 to 12 physical sciences.
  • Various worksheets are used alongside lessons for information consolidation.
  • Assessments to evaluate and practice the skills learnt during lessons.
  • Tutors conduct a continuous assessment to adjust individualised programmes as needed.


Our Address:

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