Nibbly Bits Durbanville

Nibbly Bits Durbanville

Anyone on the hunt for a delicious treat should be on their way to Nibbly Bits Durbanville. This establishment is famous for its handmade biscuits and snacks, and once you have tasted them, you will know why! Established in 1996, this brand has evolved into a massive success story with more than fifteen stores across Cape Town.

This now loved household favourite also offers a range of delicious cakes and cupcakes and various other pantry staples like raw honey, dried fruit and nuts, soups, cook-in sauces, cheese and even pure pressed fruit juice. Their products are perfect for healthy cooking, quenching cravings and finding suitable lunch snacks that will not cost you a fortune.

More about Nibbly Bits:

A large part of the success of Nibbly Bits Durbanville lies with how effectively their store is managed. This company-owned and managed location is driven by a true passion for the industry to bring clients the best products at the best prices. This business method is what allowed their brand to branch into more prominent parts of food manufacturing, which brings us the new innovative products that keep appearing before us in store.

Why Choose Nibbly Bits Durbanville:

There are many reasons to choose Nibbly Bits Durbanville to get your hands on delicious store-bought baked treats. Their baked goods are made with the highest quality ingredients, follow strict quality control and are sure to add some love into the mix (we all know that you can’t bake without it)!

Their manufacturing process also helps ensure a healthier final product, less packed with preservatives and other unhealthy ingredients. This also makes them taste better since the flavours are more natural and concentrated. If you’re looking for a delicious treat that is tasty and nutritious, consider trying some of the products at Nibbly Bits Durbanville.

Over and above a stellar product, they strive to bring their clients:

  • They offer a brilliant shopping experience

Although the goods at Nibbly Bits are known to fly off the shelves, their team tries their best to keep the store well-stocked with your favourites so that you never leave unhappy! On the chance that there is something specific you have your eye on, their friendly staff can help you track it down from one of their other branches or have an order placed for delivery to the store.

  • They strive for competitive prices

Whether you are looking for rusks or cook-in sauces, Nibbly Bits Durbanville strives to bring you the best product at the best cost! They stay up to date with market trends to offer you competitive pricing. They also often run promotions on various items.

  • They have friendly staff

To ensure that your experience at this store is top-notch, Nibbly Bits Durbanville ensures that its staff is trained, friendly and ready to assist you with whatever you need!


Our Address:

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