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Durbanville Beauty Salons: for all your hair & beauty needs

As with any neighbourhood, Durbanville is home to thousands of lovely ladies that deserve a treat every now and then. Luckily for these ladies, Durbanville is also home to some of the finest beauty salons and spas in the Western Cape.

Durbanville beauty salons are all extremely professional and employ only the best and most qualified skin care therapists in the area, with the support of international beauty brands such as !QMS, Dermalogica, Lamelle, Optiphi and many more. These salons and spas offer every treatment your heart desires and more! From a simple brow wax to a lengthy and relaxing specialist massage, they have it all! The therapists employed by the beauty salons in Durbanville are professionally trained and highly skilled in their field, providing the best professional care for their clients.

These spas and beauty salons do not, however, merely provide beauty services, they also stock and sell a wide range of skin care products. These branded products are of the highest quality, and are usually exclusive to spas and beauty salons such as the ones in Durbanville. The products they stock include everything from essential moisturisers and cleansers, to specialised face masks and scrubs.

The therapists who work at these local spas and salons are also trained in giving expert advice to clients as to which skin care product will be best suited to their skin type, and how to properly use the product to achieve optimal results. Whether you have acne prone skin, or whether your skin is naturally beginning to age, the therapists at these salons and spas will be able to help you find the perfect treatment and/or product to treat your skin.

Found all across the Durbanville area, these beauty salons and spas are easily accessible to all. So, if you need to come for one of those essential waxes, or whether you simply want to enjoy a relaxing pamper session by yourself or with a family member or friend, feel free to browse your Durbanville beauty salons and spa options below!